Become A Mompreneur

Are you a full-time mom like me who has been wanting to help support your family financially but you feel like it’s impossible because of the many hats 🎩 you need to wear everyday. You are a cook, a nanny, a driver, an accountant, a cleaning lady, a counselor, a teacher, an arbiter, a referee and many more!

One thing I realized, in this digital era, if you have an hour or two to spare everyday, you can be a Digital Entrepreneur. I started this business over a year now and I can testify that it has been a significant source of income in our household. I have 3 children and believe me, there are days that I feel like my chores are endless but since most part of the business is set up already and there’s a system that automates most of the repetitive tasks, that’s why it’s possible for this busy mom to become a #Mompreneur.

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