Second Week of Online School Be Like 😱

With 3 online schoolers and a husband working from home, sometimes I wanna do this. Just scream the stress out of me! 😱😤

I know that this online school can be stressful especially with all the different times that my kids need to be logged in to their online classes and the little ones adjusting to the new technologies but yeah it’s something we need to embrace right now and we have to choose to find JOY even in the midst of this stressful situation. ???

As parents we have to be careful on what to focus on, we have to remind ourselves that they are still kids and we have to at least try to make this learning enjoyable for them and not traumatic. I believe my kids will have a great future ahead of them and I know that this season won’t define them. They are created for great and beautiful things by our Creator.

This homeschooling or online schooling should make us appreciate parents and teachers just a little bit more. ❤️

Give yourself and your child grace during this time. Everything is a learning experience.

So to all Mamas out there who feel like they are the ones enrolled in their kids’ online classes, let’s all do this together… Inhale..exhale..inhale..exhale..🌬️

#OnlineSchool #WeCanDoThisMamas #ChooseToFindJoy #InhaleExhaleToRelieveStress #LordPleaseGiveUsMoreGrace