How to still get Leads from your Disabled Facebook Ads for FREE

Have you seen that dreaded popup and experienced your Facebook Ads suddenly being shut down by Facebook for unexplainable reasons while it was generating leads and/or comments, reactions and shares? It’s very frustrating, isn’t it? Especially if you didn’t make any edits to your ad and it’s been running for several months or years and then suddenly…BOOM! Disabled! ?

Well, to ease the frustrations a little bit, there’s still a way for your ads in the disabled account to be still shown to Facebook users without Facebook charging you. Yes, FREE advertising! ?

Facebook Ads are like any other Facebook posts which you can share to your Timeline, Page, Group or to any other websites for that matter. To get the link of the disabled ad, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Go to your disabled Ad Account.
  3. Open the Ad campaign, ad set and then the ad that you want to share.
  4. Under the Preview section where you’ll see the different previews for your ad for the placement(s) you’ve set when you created the ad, click the dropdown with the share icon and down arrow to open all previews and sharing options.
  5. In the dropdown, choose “Facebook Post with Comments”. This will open the ad post in a new browser tab.
  6. There are 2 ways to share this ad post.
    1. At the bottom right corner of the post, click your avatar and choose the account you want to interact as (your Profile or Page). Then click the “Share” button to share the post as you normally would. You can share it to your News Feed, Messenger, Group, Page, or Friend’s profile.
    2. Another way is to copy the URL of the ad from the browser address bar or better yet, bookmark it so you can easily retrieve it later. Then paste the URL in your Facebook posts or comments, chats, emails, or other websites such as forums, etc.
  7. When the Create Post popup appears as you share your ad, do not forget to check the “Include Original Post” checkbox to include the original ad copy in the shared post. Otherwise, users would just see the picture in the post and they might not have enough context of what the post is all about.
  8. You may add your own text in the post if you want.
  9. Click “Share” button.

When you share your ad post which has now become a regular Facebook post, all the existing comments, reactions and shares are intact. And most especially, you don’t incur any advertising charges. Any impressions or clicks it generates will all be free and organic. Then if you’ve got a lead signed up from the shared post, you will also not be charged.

The shared post will still work normally as if it it was an ad in a way that if it was a Conversion Ad, clicking the picture in the post will still redirect the user to your designated Funnel site. If the post was a Lead Generation Ad, then clicking the picture or the Sign Up or Learn More button in the post will still open the Lead Gen Form and will still allow the user to fill it out as they normally would.

It will also be helpful if you are a member of different groups on Facebook. Depending on the original target of your ad, you may want to share it to a group that might fit into your target audience in order to get a higher likelihood that you’ll get some leads from the shared post.

The steps above can still be done anytime even if your Ad account is not disabled or restricted. But this would certainly help to make your ads still useful if your Ad account was disabled. Don’t let the ads in your disabled account sit there for nothing.

That’s it! Hope this helps. ?

Check back for more tutorials in the future. Or check out my other tutorials.