“Follow me”

Many churches today allow only credentialed professionals to lead evangelism and discipleship efforts while volunteers are expected to show up and pay up but not engage in ministry. Imagine if the church functioned more like Wikipedia that allows for the quick and widespread dissemination of information online. Imagine if every believer, not just paid leaders, were empowered to minister. 

We are volunteer Sunday kids teachers once a month at our church. Today we taught the kids about the importance of following Jesus as He said to the fishermen brothers Simon Peter and Andrew in Matthew 4:19, “Come, follow me. And I will make you fishers of men.”.

Sunday school teachers are not just babysitters so that their parents can attend church service and listen to the preaching. We teach the kids at their very young age about Jesus and give them fun activities to do such as coloring art pages, watching bible story videos, reciting memory verses with gestures, playing games all related to the preaching for that Sunday. In today’s case, they played and pretended to go fishing using fish toys, colored a fish drawing, walked around the room following the teacher while reciting the memory verse, and watched a video about Simon Peter and Andrew with Jesus whey they were catching fish. ⛵⚓

It is our privilege to train the next generation of leaders for Christ. ⛪

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