Have you seen a “Hippocerous”? 🦛

We miss traveling! ✈️ 3 years ago on August 2017, our family went to visit Virginia for the first time since we moved out from there in 2008. One of the places we went to was in Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum in Williamsburg where we found an interesting work of art.

The first photo below was my drawing of “Hippocerous” ?, a hand-carved sculpture of a Hippopotamus+Rhinoceros beast, which is actually a hand-cranked phonograph created by Edgar A. McKillop in 1920’s. The next photo is the original sculpture.

The Hippocerous doesn’t simply hold the phonograph. When a record is played, the sound comes from its mouth. As the record plays, the beast’s tongue wags back and forth with the music. ??

If this sculpture was created today or in the last 3 decades, this would probably be called “HipHopotamus“. 🦛

What about you, have you been to that museum?

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